The GeoArt logo in a script font with a triangle symbol in the background

GeoArt Studio

I completed a rebrand for GeoArt Studio, a small jewelry studio run by Beverly Morlock, in 2022. This basic branding package included logo design and a simplified 2-page brand guide....

A gif that reads "Time for Pie" with an animation of a pie transforming from chocolate cream, to pumpkin, to apple

Time for Pie

When my now-husband and I rode the Katy Trail across Missouri in 2009, we were delighted to discover a little shop called "Time for Pie" in the quaint town of Hermann....

A lithograph black-and-white drawing of a collection of dollhouse furniture drawn in isometric style


There was a time of my life when I thought I would be a dollhouse food crafter when I grew up. It was a big obsession at around age 10....

A lithograph of a dog chewing a stick in a backyard filled with trees and power lines

Gretchen in Lawrence

This three-color lithograph of a playing puppy has a moody feel thanks to the criss-crossing power lines and bare tree branches in the background.

GIF of a spinning MTB wheel with a disc brake

Just Keep Spinning

An accurate drawing of an MTB wheel. Mountain bikers are pretty particular (and snobby) about their gear, so if you're going to draw it, you better draw it right.

GIF with a box sliding over a new pack of pencils reads, "That new pencils feeling"

That New Pencils Feeling

There aren't many feelings that match the sense of new possibilities when you open a fresh set of art supplies. Starting a new file in your program of choice just...

A GIF of an Elmer's glue bottle spilling on a table

School Supplies GIFs

A popular collection of school supply inspired GIFs shared to my Giphy account. The animation of the glue bottle spilling on a table has over 10 million views. I drew the yellow pencil...

A gif of a dancing Halloween bucket smiling as a Snickers bar drops in

Happy Halloween Bucket

A cheerful little Halloween bucket is very pleased when a full-size candy bar drops in. This animated digital illustration was created with Adobe Fresco. Use it in your Instagram Stories by searching...


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