School Supplies GIFs

A popular collection of school supply inspired GIFs shared to my Giphy account. The animation of the glue bottle spilling on a table has over 10 million views. I drew the yellow pencil after watching my five year old spend a diligent hour sharpening all of her Ticonderoga pencils the night before kindergarten. I also included my all-time favorite: the black extra fine Pilot Precise V5 pen.

A GIF of an Elmer's glue bottle spilling on a table

A GIF of a yellow pencil being sharpened

A GIF of a black Pilot pen scribbling a line

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A black and grey MTB jersey with COMBA's logo and an illustration of the Front Range

COMBA 2024 Spring Jersey Design

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A close-up view of four mountain illustrations drawn in blue with elevations written underneath

Local Peaks Series

This illustration series celebrates the local peaks of Pine, Bailey, and Conifer, Colorado, this beautiful place that I'm lucky to call home. Colorado’s a big place, with lots of iconic views,...


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