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Me, Jacquelyn, riding my blue Ibis Ripmo on a dirt road with pine trees in the background
Me, Jacquelyn, riding my blue Ibis Ripmo on a dirt road with pine trees in the background

Mountain-Made Art & Illustration

I'm Jacquelyn Farnsworth, a Colorado-based creative sharing my deep love for the outdoors through bold, vibrant designs.

Featured Work

Bailey Walking Map

Bailey Walking Map

In spring 2024, I worked alongside Park County Historical Society to create a new walking map of downtown Bailey, Colorado, funded in part by a grant from the Platte Canyon Community...

A black and grey MTB jersey with COMBA's logo and an illustration of the Front Range

COMBA 2024 Spring Jersey Design

I created the spring 2024 jersey design for local mountain biking advocacy group COMBA, creating both the art and layout for two colorways inspired by the Rocky Mountains. Three of...

A close-up view of four mountain illustrations drawn in blue with elevations written underneath

Local Peaks Series

This illustration series celebrates the local peaks of Pine, Bailey, and Conifer, Colorado, this beautiful place that I'm lucky to call home. Colorado’s a big place, with lots of iconic views,...

Painterly illustration of a blue Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly sitting on green Moroccan tile

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly

The Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly is found in forests across North America. This one wandered onto some lovely green Moroccan tile. This digital illustration was made in Procreate.

Three colored icons with a black stroke showing steps in the Waystone jewelry-making process

Waystone Site Icons

These custom site icons were used on Waystone's homepage when they launched their custom stone jewelry brand in 2022. They communicate the process of designing jewelry online, sending in a...

The Waystone logo with two models wearing stone jewelry


Formerly known as Close to Your Heart Customs, this custom jewelry startup makes necklaces from ordinary stones their customers send them in the mail. I led their rebrand in 2022,...

Digital illustrations of earrings, cufflinks, and a necklace colored with grey and cream

Waystone Jewelry Illustrations

The brand Waystone needed a way to share new jewelry designs that had not yet been fully developed. Using their renderings and prototypes of the new designs as a reference, I created vector illustrations...

An illustration with a grid of 9 images showing the female mountain biking experience

MTB Highs (and Lows)

For most of my twenties, I spent MTB rides desperately trying to keep up with the pack in a big motley group of bike shop guys and the occasional girlfriend....

The Jacalac Art Shop

Apparel, prints, stickers, and more inspired by adventurous women and the local peaks of my Colorado home.

Me, Jacquelyn, sitting on the split rail fence outside my home


Illustrator. Designer. Feminist. Mountain biker.

As a female mountain biker and a mom of three young girls, I'm driven to do my part in crafting a world where women live wild, free, and uninhibited lives.

Find my art at pop-up events in the Front Range, or work with me to design your merchandise and brand campaigns.

Let's Work Together!


Print-ready art for your packaging, apparel, accessories, and more.


Visual identities that are as memorable as they are magnetic.


Commission custom art for your website, event, or publication.

"To this day, I am so thankful for everything Jacquelyn did for my company. Her talent.....oh my....there are no words. If you have the opportunity to work with Jacquelyn - jump at it."

- Kelly Perkins, founder/CEO of Spinster Sisters Co.

"We recruited Jacquelyn at the perfect time, when we were ready to take it to the next level. She's easy to communicate with, and open to ideas."

- Kathrin Troxler, owner/founder of Aspire Tours

"Jacquelyn has been essential in the launch of our Shopify store. She is professional and talented - I love the creativity and passion that she brings to the table."

- Leslie Herrmann, co-founder of Waystone


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