There was a time of my life when I thought I would be a dollhouse food crafter when I grew up. It was a big obsession at around age 10. This black-and-white lithograph shows a collection of my childhood dollhouse furniture drawn in isometric style, including Fimo chocolate cake slices that I made as a kid. 

A lithograph black-and-white drawing of a collection of dollhouse furniture drawn in isometric style

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A black and grey MTB jersey with COMBA's logo and an illustration of the Front Range

COMBA 2024 Spring Jersey Design

I created the spring 2024 jersey design for local mountain biking advocacy group COMBA, creating both the art and layout for two colorways inspired by the Rocky Mountains. Three of...

A close-up view of four mountain illustrations drawn in blue with elevations written underneath

Local Peaks Series

This illustration series celebrates the local peaks of Pine, Bailey, and Conifer, Colorado, this beautiful place that I'm lucky to call home. Colorado’s a big place, with lots of iconic views,...


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